Week 15 – Featured Artist – Troy Rounseville

 This week I was fascinated with Troy Rounseville’s gallery! Upon seeing a drum and a keyboard before even entering, I knew it was going to be interesting! These amazing contraptions that Troy put together seemed rather sophisticated and super cool looking!


There were chords and wires everywhere and it all connected in the middle! The entire set up of the gallery just looked amazing and was totally different than anything we’ve seen at the galleries this semester.


I also love the fact that Troy addresses the affects of technology on human experience and expression. Technology has definitely changed our lives tremendously, in good ways and bad. It was interesting to think about how it affects human interaction and emotion, specifically. I think emotions and feeling can definitely go through some type of transformation when filtered through computers or cellphones. And I definitely don’t think that face to face experiences can be truly captured once filtered through digital media. It is just not the same.


I absolutely loved this gallery! It might have been my favorite one this year! Thanks Troy!


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