Week 10 – Artist Feature – Almira Nikravesh

This week I am a featuring a piece created by Ms. Almira Nikravesh: a square box made of pennies. This piece was actually really neat to see in person. The colors of the pennies and the reflection of the light made it look really cool. It really made me think of pennies a bit differently. The penny, being the lowest valued form of American money, is often disregarded. For example, would you stop in the middle of the street to pick up a penny if you saw it lying in the road? Probably not. However, seeing all these pennies made me think, ‘wow, there’s probably a significant amount of money in that box made of all those pennies’. The idea is so simple, yet so interesting at the same time. I love that she also named this piece Honest Abe, and listed the materials as “Time & Money”. So cool!



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