Week 5 – Featured Artist – Women Who Work on Bomber Photograph

Image 1

This photograph caught my attention immediately. As a woman, I have always enjoyed learning about the role of women in the military, especially in the past. The life of women was so different in the past than it is today. It so cool to learn about how they were able to contribute our country at a time when women’s role was in the kitchen. This particular study also interest me because I spent four years in the military, so I feel a sort of connection to these women. Although times are a lot different, the treatment on women in the military is still not equivalent to that of men. Over the years, the involvement of women in the military has improved greatly. Also, being a fashion major, the garments they are wearing also sparks my interest. This was an interesting photo to look at and think about. The paragraph that explained the photograph stated that Alfred T. Palmer authored this photograph.


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