Week 3 – GATOV GALLERY – Christopher Vavrek

Image 5Image 3Image 2

From the first step that I took into this gallery, I knew it was going to be something incredibly cool. The hanging wires at the entrance of the gallery definitely sparked my interest and curiosity. The gallery itself was very busy and had a lot going on. Stopping at every piece and taking a closer looks was definitely necessary in this gallery, because I didn’t want to miss anything. The gallery incorporated numerous pieces of old technological equipment: old computers, old hardware, VHS tapes, old televisions, and so much more. Vavrek used old discarded technology to create something amazing in response to the technology obsessed era that we are living in. It was like walking into a time machine and remembering what computers or televisions USED to look like, not even that many years ago. It definitely made the think of the rapid advancements that we as consumers demand. Our lives have become so dependent on these devices that have made our lives so efficient, but at the same time, have made us obsessed and dependent on these devices. This was an awesome gallery with an importance theme and concept.


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