Week 2 – GLAMFA Artist – D. Hill

For this week’s featured GLAMFA art piece and artist, I have chosen D. Hill’s “TRANS” video to discuss. I chose this because it immediately caught my eye and had a powerful message. The video showed a man transforming himself into a woman through clothing, makeup, and accessories. Although the LGBT community has become more socially accepted throughout the years, many LGBT community members still face judgement and ridicule, in our world today. This video showed the time and effort that it takes for a man to transform into a woman. There was one scene where the man was pulling out his bear with a look of pain on his face, which I thought was symbolic of the pain that some individuals endure because of their decision to be trans. 

This was also a strong piece for me because recently, I actually had a friend share with me that he had decided to become trans. He explained his feeling and the reason why he had decided to go through with the procedure. I’m glad that he has the courage to do this in order to be happy and comfortable in his own body. I support him 100 percent and I wish him the best! 



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