Week 5 – Featured Artist – Women Who Work on Bomber Photograph

Image 1

This photograph caught my attention immediately. As a woman, I have always enjoyed learning about the role of women in the military, especially in the past. The life of women was so different in the past than it is today. It so cool to learn about how they were able to contribute our country at a time when women’s role was in the kitchen. This particular study also interest me because I spent four years in the military, so I feel a sort of connection to these women. Although times are a lot different, the treatment on women in the military is still not equivalent to that of men. Over the years, the involvement of women in the military has improved greatly. Also, being a fashion major, the garments they are wearing also sparks my interest. This was an interesting photo to look at and think about. The paragraph that explained the photograph stated that Alfred T. Palmer authored this photograph.


Week 5 – Counterfactual Identity Project

For the counterfactual identity project, I decided to dress “goth-ish”. I’m already a bit unconventional when it comes to my makeup and my clothes, so this project was actually kind of fun. I have tattoos and a piercing, and it’s not rare to see me with purple eyebrows or blue lipstick, so I just decided to go to the darker end of the spectrum, for this week’s project. On a daily basis (well, when I actually take time to get ready), I look something like this:

IMG_4881For the project, I ended up looking like this:

Photo on 9-27-14 at 5.07 PM #2

It’s a bit difficult to see in the picture, but my eye makeup was dark and dramatic, and I had black lipstick on. I wore a pleather dress, with a waist cincher, and cherry red Doc Marten boots. I walked into a Starbucks on a Saturday afternoon and spoke with a girl who was sitting in the coffee shop working on homework. I asked her a series of questions:

What is my name? You look like you could be an Allison or a name that starts with an A

What’s my major? Business

What’s my age? 22

What’s my occupation? hairstylist

Am I married? No

Do I have kids? No

My favorite color? Blue

What’s my favorite type of music? Hardcore

My hobbies: Drawing, reading

Do I drink alcohol? Yes

Do I do drugs? No

In comparison to Carrie’s answers, I’m actually a fashion merchandising major, I’m 26, and I’m a merchandising assistant for a children’s vintage boutique in Long Beach. I am not married but I do have a 5-year-old son. My favorite color is purple and I love classic rock. I do enjoy reading as a hobby and running. I drink alcohol and I don’t do drugs. Carrie wasn’t too far off.

At the end of our conversation, I told Carrie that I don’t normally dress like that and what this project was about. She was really nice and explained that she tries not to judge people by their appearance. She explained that people do that to her all the time, and she doesn’t like it. She’s a business major from Cal State Fullerton and it was nice meeting her. This project was an interesting one. I enjoyed it.

Week 5 – Student Interview – Craig Wigboldy

Mr. Craig Wigboldy is a 21-year-old, pre-nursing student from Long Beach, California. He went to Valley Christian High School, he enjoys volleyball and skateboarding, and has a deep love for snowboarding. He is also a Volkswagen enthusiast and has even attended the Bug-In, a famous Volkswagen event, in Irwindale. He drives the raddest, sea foam green-ish beetle. His favorite movie is “Shooter”, his favorite color is blue, and his favorite show is “That 70’s Show”. He plans on transferring to West Coast University for the nursing program in the future. Craig was super easy to talk to and is a cool dude! 🙂

Image 8

Week 4 – Plaster Casting

Image 4 Image 5 Image 7

This project was not too bad! I spent the evening with my sister-in-law and my son and had some fun at the beach! My son had so much fun casting his foot and playing on the beach while we waited for it to set. The sunset was beautiful and the weather was perfect! And now I have some horns and my son’s foot casted in plaster to keep forever and display in my house! Rad!

Week 4 – Featured Artist(s) – Helena Bae & Oscar Mendoza

Image 1

This art piece caught my eye and stood out amongst the rest in the gallery. I really like the colors of this piece. The blues, purples, and grays, together with the texture reminded me of the ocean. I have a strange relationship with the ocean. Since I was little, I’ve had a fear of the ocean. I don’t like to go in it, from fear of not knowing what’s underneath me. I’m also terrified of sharks and other sea creatures. Although I have this fear of the ocean, I gravitate towards it. There is something so powerful and fascinating about the ocean. I wish I had the courage to jump in freely or maybe even try surfing one day! Anyway, this art piece really gave me a strong sense of the ocean that I hate and love so much. Thanks Helena and Oscar!

Week 4 – Student Interview – Adriana Macias

Image 3

This week, I had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with Ms. Adriana Macias. She is brand new to CSULB as an undeclared, 18-year-old freshman student. She was born, raised, and currently resides in Anaheim, California. She comes form Oxford Academy, a small high school in Cypress. Adriana is enjoying CSULB so far but is finding it a bit strange to adjust to such a big campus, since Oxford was a small high school. She is liking all of her classes so far and is exploring Community Health and Women’s Studies majors as possible contenders for when she is ready to state a major. Adriana works at a Dryer’s Ice Cream Parlor at Knott’s Berry Farm. She enjoys outdoor events; such as: hiking, camping, and running. I had a great time getting to know Adriana! She seems like a bright, interesting girl, and not to mention, super cute! 🙂

Week 3 – GATOV GALLERY – Christopher Vavrek

Image 5Image 3Image 2

From the first step that I took into this gallery, I knew it was going to be something incredibly cool. The hanging wires at the entrance of the gallery definitely sparked my interest and curiosity. The gallery itself was very busy and had a lot going on. Stopping at every piece and taking a closer looks was definitely necessary in this gallery, because I didn’t want to miss anything. The gallery incorporated numerous pieces of old technological equipment: old computers, old hardware, VHS tapes, old televisions, and so much more. Vavrek used old discarded technology to create something amazing in response to the technology obsessed era that we are living in. It was like walking into a time machine and remembering what computers or televisions USED to look like, not even that many years ago. It definitely made the think of the rapid advancements that we as consumers demand. Our lives have become so dependent on these devices that have made our lives so efficient, but at the same time, have made us obsessed and dependent on these devices. This was an awesome gallery with an importance theme and concept.