Week 1 – Student Interview – Amber Del Real

To start off the weekly student interviews that are required of me for this class, I had the opportunity to meet Amber Del Real. Amber is a 20-year-old kinesiology major. She is in her third year, and although she enjoys her major, she cannot foresee a career in this field and is hoping to change it to sociology. She was born and raised in Whittier, California. On her free time, she likes to try new foods, sleep, and watch television. While discussing foods that we like, we discovered that we both LOVE pastas, potatoes, and rice (mmm….carbs.) She is of Hispanic decent (as I am) and has two little brothers. She is a fan of Indie/underground Hip Hop and will be seeing her favorite artist, Atmosphere, in concert soon! I remembered going to my first concert and the super cool experience that was!

Although Amber is 6 years younger than I am, we were still able to make a connection and learn a lot about each other. Besides discussing general things, such as: favorite color, favorite foods, and astrological signs, we both learned that we come from separated/divorced parents. Amber is the oldest of her mother’s three children and I am the youngest. Although Amber helps her mother out with her younger brothers when I never had to do that, we were still able to share some of the same opinions and feelings about growing up without a father. 

In the 20 minutes that I spoke with Amber, I was able to tell that she is driven and has a good head on her shoulders. She was kind and funny and I really enjoyed getting to know a bit about her. I hope our paths cross in the future! 🙂

Amber Del Real


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